Monday, 8 August 2016

Rio Olympics

The Olympic game are a variety of sports In 776 bc the first olympic was announced in greece olympia . The first game’s of the Olympic was the 200 meter dash but there was only one thing that had happened no women were allowed to participate . The sport that happened for the Olympics were Boxing , Javelin , Chariots racing , Full Armor suit running .

The Olympic games have evolved over the past few thousand years there are new sports involved and new clothing and gear for the athletes to compete. Now we don't play for what religion we are and we don't sacrifice oxs to the greek god’s and now the athletes take all kinds of drugs and steroids to help them win the olympics
The Olympics are host in Rio De Janeiro  Rio had to make their country look good infront of many people to convince that there country were better but they only had one thing that was wrong about that country it has been said that Brazil has the Zika Virus and some of the country are dropping out of the olympics.

The Rio De Janeiro are making money off the Olympics people are cleaning their house’s for the some of the people coming from all around the world to money for themselves.

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