Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Dog how chased lighting

The dog how chased lighting is about i dog and a girl and the light’s went out when the light’s went out migde was scared of the dark and mum wa shunting for candles and the girl was getting her torch under her bed she keeped it for emergencies  then she went down throw the hallway and suddley  some   thing  was  bumping  her  down  the hallway she was scared and a yap from the girl she siad  whats wrong boy when she point her light at migde migde and he went bannanas jumping  and leping  every where.


  1. Hi Dartanian,

    What you up to. I am just in class.I really loved your story about The Dog how chased lighting
    that was amazing and cool. FANTASTIC. Lets see more stuff. Cool. KEEP IT UP.YOU ROCK,AMAZING WORK LITTLE BROTHER.