Thursday, 23 October 2014


Welcome to Pt England.

If you want to be a good pt Englander then you have to be Cyber smart.To be Cyber smart you have to not go on doggy stuff like games, you tube, and Songs.And the hole time you have to be respectful to your teacher.and you have to use you manners like excuse me and may I go to have a drink?

To be a good pt Englander you have to be polite!  To be polite you have to say things like excuse me and thank you to the people you give you things and excuse me when people are in your way if  you   push in then you are not respecting the people that have waiting for long.

Wearing it with pride is how to be a good pt Englander.Wearing it with pride is when you look after your uniform so it wont rip or get dirt.If you want to wear your uniform then don't put your jumper around you waist or your

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  1. Hi Dartanian, great post! I like that you are all about being a good Pt Englander and from what you have written I can tell you know what that means. Keep up the good work and make sure you proof read before you post. :) I have to remind myself to do that, too.