Monday, 13 May 2013


Antarctica is found at the bottom of the southern pole near New Zea land.A round Antarctica  is around the southern ocean.  Antarctica is the most driest and coldest continent in Earth.

No people will live in home in Antarctica only research because the researcher  to test the weather and see what they eat..Some Animals  survived   cold dry  weather Antarctic. These Animal’s penguins seals snow petrel which  are is a bird,

Antarctica is, split  in two main, areas, East Antarctic and, West Antarctic Antarctic was split up by trans antarctic mountains. East Antarctic 3/4 bigger, then West Antarctic.

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  1. Hi Dartanian,

    I really like your post about Antarctica,the information is very interesting. I didn't really know that Antarctica is the driest and coldest continent on Earth.Good progress and keep posting.Your picture looks really awesome!