Wednesday, 15 October 2014


It was the holiday's. I stayed home and played GOD OF WAR 2 !  It was and 18 and over game.

I had to do some work before i had to go and play my game.I Had to clean my room and my mom's room and dried the dishes so that i got a reward playing game.

You have to play as Kratos and you are the god of war first you have to defeat 14 men.then open the gate.When you have done that then you have to kill 6 more.And Athena will strain your powers and take it to a huge statue and give it to him. Then you have to kill him with the swords of Olympus those  swords are given to you by Ares.

Kratos has  has  a dad and his name is Zeus.And Zeus us trying to kill his own son because Kratos is trying to bring down olympus and the owner who made it was Zeus   

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