Friday, 11 April 2014


I love swimming!This team i had 8 lesson with some amazing inductors.They had taught me lots of skills,and my technique is getting better and better.

When we arrived at the pool  we had to get changed then we jumped into the shower.When we got into the shower it was cold,my favourite was the cold one.After having a rinse ,i walked over to the bench,my togs were dripping and I was shivering and shaking.

Our instructor  told us to li o our back and do small fast kicks with our flutter boards.When we were near the island we had to roll over to your stomach,and do arm circles.We put one hand on the flutter board and did brain goggles check.We had to do kicks like scissors.    

On the last day of swimming,we did relay races.We had our own team they were Sharks.Dolphin,and whales.My legs felt exhausted when I did small fast kicks,all the way to my teamates .I felt relived to get to my partner.

My swimming improved a lot over the two weeks we had lessons.

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