Friday, 29 November 2013

Toma Dartanian Ambury Farm Experience

Yesterday on a wonderful day, the year fives  went on a trip to the Ambury Park in Mangere. It took forever to get there. But finally we saw a sign that said Ambury Park and everyone got really excited  on the bus. Then we started to see farm animals then more and then more then finally we got there it was cool.

We went down to the barn and hung up our bags. Once we hung up our bags we went in and Debbie our guide started talking. Once she was finished we  had to do all little activity about  inputs and outputs on the farm. When we were finished we had to eat our morning tea and head off to the next activity.

After that Debbie took Room fourteen and some of Room eighteen to the milking shed. Once we got there I got excited to see a cow get milked, but it was a secret cow. Then it was milking time it was cool seeing the cows get milked. We got to walk up and see the cows and touch the them, it was cool.

Next we swapped sides and we went to the shearing sheds and we saw that it was full of sheep’s wool and sheeps kaka and it smelt. Once we went in we saw a lady her name was Janine. She was the one that sheared the sheeps bottom, so the files don’t lay maggot eggs, that kill the sheeps by eating through their skin.

In the end the year fives waited till the bus came and hopped on. Some kids went to sleep on the bus especially Dartanian. In the end I felt happy and tired at the same time and the same as my best friend Dartanian.

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