Friday, 7 June 2013

Dartanian Antartica

A researcher is going throw the wind and ice. I think he is going toscott base. When he is walking he saw a cave and he went in and he looked in it. He saw it was empty then he went in it and sat down. The researcher tried to make a fire to keep him warm so he won't freeze.
When he tried  to put on the fire he couldn't make one because the wind  kept on blowing it and he tried and tried and he couldn’t. So he started walking,To find somewhere to live that was  not windy and cold and to find some warm thing to put on him.

He was walking and was going across ice and then the ice started to crack and when he saw that when it was going to crack he ran fast as he can but when was running the ice start to crack more and he slipped and he was down in the water.

Then he felt a touch and saw a emperor penguin the emperor penguin looked at him and then the  penguin went and he saw it catch fish and once he was finished eating he went and help him get back up to land then the man grab on the penguin and he swim as fast as he could and he got back up then when they went back up the emperor penguin gave him some fish then he went and cooked the fish up to survived.And then he saw some one and it was one of it friend and  then he ran and ran to him and they got back to the base.

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