Thursday, 30 May 2013

Dartanian Antarctica and the Arctic

The Antarctic is at the South pole and the Arctic is at the North pole. The Arctic and the Antarctic has both have seals and snow petrel.No won calls Antarctic home only the Arctic people call home people don't live in Antarctic because if you were in Antarctic  you will freeze to death but in Arctic it is not that cold but when it is summer the hole Arctic stars to melt down.

Antarctic is different to the Arctic because Antarctica is special Because because it is the  coldest continent on earth, and you can only find researcher. You can only find some of the leopard seal,large fish, crab eater seal,Skuas and other birds,Some of the birds eat little Emperor penguins but if they want to eat the adult penguins they will struggle to fit them in there mouth,and there come the second smartest animal in Antarctica it is the orca,some of the orca whales go hunting for other animals.

What is so special about the Arctic the Arctic is not as cold as the Antarctic because the Arctic people call home but in the Antarctic no one calls it home because if you live there you will die but if you were .in the Artic you will survive because there are Eskimo live there.

The Antarctic and the Arctic are very different because the Arctic have Eskimo and the Antarctic  doesn't and the Antarctic have seals,emperor penguin and adeli penguins and a orca but the Arctic have walrus caribou skuas owls and Eskimo.

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