Friday, 22 March 2013

Retelling story

This story is about two girl’s named Ana Tui and there Nana, they were going into the
middle of the road. They started to walk to the middle of the road nana was walking and
Ana was stepping in her step and Ana was falling and that crunchy snow in Nana is deep

They started to build the big snowman in the middle of the road and then they saw a
bright light coming towards them they  thought that the road’s were close and they saw it
was the cops when they saw the cop’s they think that they were in big trouble but.

Then Ana Tui, was scared but then the cop was driving around the snowman with his
chained wheel’s then the car stop in the front of the snowman and got out of his car
and went to the backseat to get some thing then he came up to the snowman and put a
carrot nose on the snowman and Ana and Tui were think that were putting buttons for the
snowmans mouth.

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