Thursday, 28 February 2013


My class was thrilled  when we were going to the pool’s so we can learn to survival. Then we headed down to the shower we came back and waited for our group’s and our instructor we    hop into  the pool and started to do some strokes and freestyle in the gilmmering water.

We got flutter boards and had to kick  speedly.We got changed’ and rushed to the our instructor  and lined up next to  our groups.

When we got there we went to the showers and walk back to our instructor when we got in the pools we started to do i’m in group 1 Maurice, Toma, Maroroa, James, Mista, Trinity, Raewen.Our instruct is Toby.

Toby is teaching us  how to  do back strokes and breathing competition and then we did mortorbike and kicking are legs at the same time we were going to swim to the island and we were going to do some kicking.

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